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How Our System Works

The High Knob water system obtains its source water from three springs and seven deep wells.  Most of these commercial grade wells and all of the springs are located on approximately 60 acres of protected and dedicated water shed property.  


The water plant consists of eight ground storage reservoirs with an approximate total capacity of 180,000 gallons.  There are 16 pumps of various types and sizes, managed by a computer system with an array of sensors, relays and monitors. Generators provide backup power.  


The distribution system consists of approximately 17 miles of water mains of various sizes with associated valves, hydrants, pressure management and monitoring systems. The community’s covenants prohibit wells on most lots.  Each customer is served by an individual metered connection.


The total mechanical assets in the High Knob water system range in age from new to over 40 years and would cost $3.8 million in 2014 dollars to replace.  In 2005 a major system upgrade costing $1.2 million dollars was completed along with an engineering study conducted in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health.


Other improvements are ongoing as older assets are replaced. High Knob is pleased to have what VDH officials have described as “one of the finest small water systems in the region” and has received awards for excellence.

Water Quality

High Knob’s water is routinely monitored for quality.  Sampling for bacteria is performed monthly while tests for a large array of other constituents are performed quarterly and annually.  


Although tests show that in most cases it is not required, light chlorination is used to maintain sanitation throughout the storage system and miles of distribution mains. Most newer model refrigerators remove the chlorine from your water before you fill up your glass.


The Annual Water Quality Report is published in late spring. Monthly Bacteriological Results are also published. 

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