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Rate Schedule
Water Rates

Water bills are rendered on a quarterly basis, in arrears. The rates for water service are as follows: (effective 01/01/2019)


Minimum quarterly charge:*  $102.50 base rate

                                         $ 12.50 capital recovery fee                  

                             Total:  $115.00 minimum quarterly charge


Water Usage (per billing):

1 - 13,500 gallons              $0.00776 per gallon

13,501 - 20,000 gallons       $0.00959 per gallon

20,000 gallons and over      $0.01197 per gallon


* A minimum charge per quarter for water service. This minimum quarterly charge applies to all accounts, and becomes effective when the water meter is installed or when a water service account is established.  Actual water usage is billed at the rates shown above in addition to the minimum quarterly charge.

Estimated Bills

If the meter should fail to register for any reason, or if the meter reader should be unable to read the meter at the regularly scheduled date, an estimated bill will be rendered.

The estimated bill will be an average of the water bills for the past three quarters.  If the customer's premises were unoccupied during any portion of this time, the company may base its estimate on the customer's available usage information plus the standard per-person usage rates established by the Virginia Department of Health.


The customer's account shall be credited or debited for any overpayments or underpayments when the next actual meter reading is obtained.

New Construction Fees

New homes constructed on High Knob must pay a service connection fee (also referred to as a tap fee) to connect to the HKUI water system. This fee includes a water meter, and excavation and backfilling for connection of the meter to the customer’s water supply line. The meter remains the property of HKUI.


All service connections are $2,500.00 each.


In addition to the service connection fee, High Knob Owner’s Association requires a separate water capitalization fee in the amount of $2,500, payable to the High Knob Owner’s Association.  This fee provides funding for future development of new water sources and water system expansion.

Temporary Discontinuation of Service Fee

Seasonal residents of High Knob, or residents leaving their homes unattended for an extended period of time, may request a water shutoff at the meter.

A fee of $25.00 covers both the shutoff and restoration of water service.  Contact the HKUI office to make arrangements - please be sure to schedule several days in advance of the desired shotoff. This service is highly recommended to prevent damage and loss caused by leaks during the homeowner's absence.

The minimum quarterly charge continues to apply during the period of temporary discontinuation of service.

Restoration of Deliquent Account Fee

As defined in its operating tariff, HKUI is authorized to discontinue service to delinquent accounts. A fee of $45.00 applies to restore service to a delinquent account that has been brought up to date.

Returned Check Fee

A returned check fee of $35.00 for insufficient funds will be applied to the customer’s account for each returned check.

Meter Test Fee

All HKUI meters are thoroughly tested for accuracy at the time of installation.  Customers may request a meter accuracy test at no charge, and written results will be provided to the customer.


However, if the customer requests more than one meter test in a 24 month period, a fee of $45.00 applies to the second and all subsequent tests performed in a 24 month period.  If a meter error greater than two percent is found, the meter test fee is waived, and the bills for the previous six months will be adjusted.

Meter Installation Fee

In such cases where a water meter has been removed at the request of the customer, a meter installation fee equal to 50% of the service connection fee will apply when a new meter is installed.